Nature protection Regulation of Canicross distance “Noskrien ziemu” 2019

 1. The aim: 

  • To promote Sled dog sport as an active and health increasing kind of sport that's available to anyone
  • To diversify canicross discipline competition with a possibility to compete in the winter conditions 
  • To promote foreign country canicross enthusiasts visiting Latvia, that way promoting the tourism development 
  • To promote canicross as environment friendly prosecution 
  • To promote interesting and healthy free time activities for kids, teenagers, adults and families. 

2. Place and time

Regardless of the weather conditions, “Noskrien ziemu” will take place on: 

  • 16.12.2018 (Sunday) at Priekuļi
  • 06.01.2019 (Sunday) at Limbaži
  • 26.01.2019 (Saturday) at Salacgrīva (evening, darkness period)
  • 17.02.2019 (Sunday) at Zaube
  • 10.03.2019 (Sunday) at Jaunolaine

3. Distance

Canicross participants run "SUUNTO Native distance" (one lap approximately 8-10km)

4. Participant groups 




(2002. – 2005.)


(2002. – 2005.)


(1980. - 2001.)


(1980. - 2001.)


(1979. and older)


(1979. and older)

Despite the indication on the regulation, younger members may also attend “Noskrien ziemu”, but on one condition that one of the parents participates in the race or at the venue of the competition and takes full responsibility for the participant's health compliance with the distance.

5. Registration fee for each period: 


 1st  period

2nd period

3rd period

4th period

5th period

 Competition day








Registration discounts:

  • For teens (2002 and younger) -50%
  • Paying registration fee for 2 (two) periods at once -5%
  • Paying registration fee for 3 (three) periods at once -10%
  • Paying registration fee for 4 (four) periods at once -15%
  • Paying registration fee for 5 (five) periods at once -20%

Distance participant's fee includes – a participant's number, snacks and drinks in the finish, track marking, work of judges, first medical aid at the competition venue, organizing of the event, a commemorative medal for each person who has participated in at least 3 races, photos on competition website.

If a participant withdraws his membership - the membership fee is not refunded.

Participant is allowed to send an e-mail to [email protected]
Tuesday evening  8PM of the following competition week a person wants to announce another participant or transfer membership fee to the next period.

6. Registration periods 

You can pay for participation by registering ONLINE, registration on the competition day is also possible.


1st  period ONLINE

 2nd period ONLINE

3rd period ONLINE

 4th period ONLINE 

 5th period ONLINE 

 Online registration

Till 11.12.2018 23:59

Till 01.01.2019 23:59

Till 21.01.2019 23:59

Till 12.02.2019 23:59

Till 05.03.2019 23:59

7. Registration:

Registration fee has to be transferred to:

  • Organization: "Pieliec soli"
  • Reg. No: 40008270120
  • Bank: A/S Swedbank 
  • Account: LV89HABA0551044320334
  • In payment objective point out NZ participanting fee, runner’s name, surname, ID number (you'll receive it in e-mail)

8. The condition of health, the equipment, information about dogs and stake out

Each participant takes full responsibility for the compliance of his / her state of health with the relevant distance and confirms it with registration. Race organizers are not responsible for possible injuries or accidents of competitors during the race. In case of a participant's withdrawal, the event organizers do not ensure that the participant reaches the finish line. In case of health problems, the assistance of the judges and other competitors should be used to solve the situation and contact the organizers of the competition through the phone.

Equipment of runners 

  • Participants are not allowed to wear running shoes with iron or plastic spikes for better grip (for your dog’s safety!)
  • Dog harness - only running harnesses with pollsters are allowed. 
  • Special canicross elastic line (The expanded tugline shall not be less than 1.5 meters in length and a maximum of 2.5 meters in length in the expanded condition, when measured from the rear of the dog to the belt buckle of the runner.)
  • Canicross Belt (width can't be less than 7 centimetres)


  • The dog must be at least 12 months old.
  • Dogs must have ES pet passport and
  • They must be vaccined against rabies
  • There will be vet control
  • Dogs mustn’t be disconnected from the lead.
  • Don't let children go near dogs without owner's permission!

Stake out:

  • Participants must place their vehicles, dog cages and stake-outs only in places  allowed by the judges. It is not forbidden to participant's area by flags or ropes
  • Dogs mustn’t be left alone without an owner. Every participant is responsible for his dog
  • It is not allowed to smoke in stake-out zone 
  • Participants are not allowed to sell dog food or equipment without written permission from the organisers.

9. Awarding:

  • 1st to 3rd place winners in each group will be awarded.
  • All finishers will participate in the lottery 

10. Score:

Every finisher upon every period in each group receives a certain number of points depending on their results.

Point calculation:

  • 1st place is awarded with 100 points; the result of each subsequent participant is calculated according to the following formula: the winner's time is divided by the time shown by each participant and multiplied by 100.

11. Total score:

The overall score will be determined by summing the points earned in one distance.

  • If the participants receive equal number of points, participant with the highest place on the final fifth stage will be awarded with the highest score. 
  • Overall winners will be awarded on 10th March 2019.

12. Commemorative medal:

People who will participate in at least three periods, will receive a commemorative medal at the last period awarding or will be able to take it out at the shop "Ceļotājs" from 18.03.2019 till 30.04.2019.

13. Race process, judging and disqualification:

  • Race number and time chip withdrawal happens at tent. Participant has to have dogs equipment and passport. 
  • Each canicross participant has to attend the meeting
  • Athletes start the distance according to the list. Individual start, every 20 seconds 
  • After the finish the athlete must stay in the finish corridor until the finish judges allow them to go out
  • It is forbidden to whistle, flick the toys, throw around balls or toys to provide better finish time. Athletes who break these rules will be disqualified 
  • At the finish athletes must offer some water to their dogs.
  • Each missed checkpoint adds 20 minutes to result.
  • Athletes and dogs can be tested in doping control. Doping control can be carried out without previous warning
  • Organisers can disqualify participant if they break the rules.

14. Photo

During the race, at the start / finish, as well as on the track in some places, the photographers will work who will take photos during the race. The organizers have the right to use competition photos and video materials for marketing and advertising purposes without the consent of the people seen on them.

15. It’s important 

If you see that an athlete needs medical assistance on the track, call the mobile number listed and help him/her reach the nearest populated area.

16.Changes to the regulations

The organizers have the right to make changes and additions to the Regulation within 30 days before the competition The organizers are not responsible for the fact that the participants are not familiar with the regulations.

17. Organisers 

Organization "Pieliec soli" in collaboration with And Latvia Sled dog sport federation.

Ledus vai sniegs, NOSKRIET ZIEMU ir prieks!